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Adam & Kati | Engaged


A Stormy Custer State Park Engagement Session


Getting back to work after unexpected surgery and almost three months started off a little stormy! Kati and Adam's engagement session brought storm clouds, a downpour, some seriously beautiful skies and a couple completely meant for each other. There is an ease about the way the Adam and Kati are around each other. No awkwardness just a sense that these two belong together. Kati's mom describes them as an old married couple.

Adam and Kati met over 6 years ago in high school here in Rapid City and their first date was the movie "Up". Little did they know that it meant the start of their own adventure. Shortly after Adam left for college at the United States Air Force Academy and they kept up a long distance relationship. Two years later Kati moved to Colorado to start at a college close to Adam's. Two years later Adam graduated and was stationed in Ohio. Kati soon got accepted to a college there and moved to Ohio too.

When it came time to propose Adam tricked Kati to coming to a dinner she thought was an awards banquet. Little did she know that Adam had everything set up like the movie 'Up'. He had balloons, a mailbox, the music 'Married Life' from the movie, an adventure book of all the things they had done together and a coin jar for their new adventures just like in the movie. Adam got down on one knee and proposed and Kati said 'YES!'

Congratulations Adam and Kati! I can not wait for the wedding!!

I absolutely LOVED Kati's dress!

Every time they looked at each other you could just feel the love they have.

During their session I asked Adam to tell Kati why he wanted to marry her. He looked at Kati and said, " Because I like you." Now many people at first might not think that is very romantic. That he should have said some flowery and beautiful things but having been married for 8 years I understood what he meant. Love is amazing, there is no doubt about it. But to have a relationship with anyone that will last you have to not just love that person but really like them. You have to like who they are, what they stand for and the things they do. I love my husband but I also REALLY like him. The fact that one of the first things Adam thinks when he thinks about Kati is how much he likes her is incredibly romantic to me.

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