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Country Style Wedding Table Set

Based in the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota and married to my husband for 10 years, my style is a blend of my photography loves. A mix of editorial, photojournalism and fine art. My passion for light, people and storytelling lend me the ability to capture the emotional connection and chemistry between my clients in unique and compelling, yet still classically beautiful way.

My vision is for a balance between fine art images and visual storytelling, allowing me to create a lasting legacy of your love story,that is not only pleasing to look at, but will showcase the love, happiness, and excitement of your wedding day.

I am happiest when shooting romantic, emotional and classic images that will never go out of style. I also love to have a little fun and capture the sillier moments of these days.

I Love

 impromptu dinner parties

satisfying my wanderlust

late night cocktails with friends

experiencing different cultures


fresh flowers

good food

laughter and kindness

serving my clients

berries and Christmas cookies

my favorites


my husband





the ocean


 He is my love and partner in life. He puts up with my craziness and supports me in everything I do. He loves me unconditionally, makes me laugh, A LOT, and inspires me to be a better person every day.

He is my love story. 

The sound of rain on the window, the feel of the drops on my skin. The rain is cleansing, nourishing and soothing to both the earth and my soul. I love to walk in rain and see the earth come to life.

The sand beneath my feet, the salty smell of the ocean air, the colors of the sky, the crashing sound of the waves. This is one of the places that speaks to my soul.






Travel Polaroids



Anything and everything caramel. I guess you could say I am slightly obsessed!

 I love exploring new places and meeting new people. I am also fascinated by the old world charm of ancient streets, rolling countryside and bustling cities. I love all  the adventures new places bring, which is one of the reasons I love destination weddings.

Everywhere I look I see the beauty that light creates. Dancing through the leaves on a tree, wrapping a couple in it's golden glow or illuminating the  intricate details of wedding décor.  Light creates beauty, depth, dimension and is one of my favorite aspects about photography.

in my spare time you can find me...

Relaxing in my sunroom (my favorite room in our house)snuggled up to my husband with a book and cup of tea or a glass of wine.